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Be the first to offer hemp CBD products in your area! According to The Hemp Business Journal, the CBD market is estimated to grow to a $2.5 billion market in consumer sales by 2022. $1.3 billion of those sales will come from hemp-based CBD sources.

Wholesale CBD and Hemp Products: Interested in selling, private or white labeling our products? Become our Distributor/Wholesaler and join one of the fastest-growing, highest quality, and one of the most popular CBD brands in the industry!
The CBD hemp industry is growing and profitable and there has never been a better time to get involved in this lucrative business. Hemp CBD Products can be a great revenue opportunity for your business. Ready to receive the benefits of our wholesale hemp CBD program? Just fill out the form below or contact us to get started or call for a complimentary consultation: (714) 851-1071 We look forward to hearing from you, answering some questions, and of course sharing any educational materials to benefit your employees and future customers.
We have a much more extensive product selections and customized, comprehensive range of products sure to wholesale clients than you will find on our site.


  • Anyone with a business mindset and thrive, we will help you to get your business started.

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To qualify for a wholesale account, you’ll need an active EIN, Resellers license, or your Country issued Business ID# (we happily ship to all 50 states and dozens of countries around the world). We do maintain order minimums,

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